Cairo - Mall of Egypt

Discover our 3 zonesat Little Explorers,

Space Zone

Children will get familiar with the study of the space via interacting with the Space exhibits at this Zone.
Who can resist the appeal of space? In our space area, kids can blast off on their own adventure as they learn more about the solar system, the stars and planets, space stations and how rockets work! This stellar area is the perfect way for them to start understanding the wider universe, perhaps even sparking a life-long love of science and the cosmos.

Play Zone

The Exhibits at this area will help kids develop important body reaction skills as they interact with the different exhibits. Children learn fastest when they learn through play! Our fantastic play area helps them develop their sense of balance, speeds up reaction times, builds hand-eye co-ordination and improves their ability to focus, all in a safe and fun environment. Being able to play with other children of the same age also helps them grow in confidence and builds up their social skills, allowing them to make friends at the same time as having fun!

Water Zone

Children will learn the importance of water to plants and fish via interacting with exhibits of the Water Zone. All kids love to splash around and play with water, and that’s just what they can expect in our incredible water area! Here they will gain a better understanding of the importance of water to people, plants, animals and fish, as they dip a toe into the understanding of nature. They’ll also find out more about how water behaves and how it shapes the landscapes around us, all through play and having fun.

Join our workshops


Origami - Butterfly (May 01 - May 05)

Kids will explore with us how to make butterfilies using different colored papers. 


Origami- Cats & Dogs (May 06 - May 12)

Kids will enjoy making cats and dogs using different colored papers at this Origami workshop. 


Origami - Frog & Rabbits (May 13 - May 19)

Kids will enjoy creating Frog and rabbit crafts using colored papers in this workshop. 


Origami - Fish & Star Fish (May 20 - May 31)

Kids will explore how to make fish and star fish using different colored paper materials at this workshop.


Stringed Musical Instrument (Jun 01 - Jun 08)

Kids will explore and play with different stringed musical instrument at this workshop.


Rhythmic Musical Instruments (May 09 - May 17)

Kids will get the chance to play and learn about all the rythmic musical instuments at this workshop and enjoy that sound it produces.


Wind Instruments (May 18 - May 23)

Kids will enjoy playing with all the different wind instruments and listen to the sounds after the blowing.


Keyboard Instruments (May 24 - May 31)

At this workshop, kids will enjoy playing with all the machines that emit sound of pressing the keyboard such as Piano.

Arts & CraftWorkshop

Puffer Fish (May 16 - May 31)

This fish can inflate its body like a balloon to avoid predatory fish. So let the little one get creative with us on this art & craft workshop. 

Arts & CraftWorkshop

Electric Eel (Jun 16 - Jun 23)

Kids will learn all the new facts about the Electric Eel in this workshop while using different matterials to create its craft. 

Arts & CraftWorkshop

Starfish (Jun 01 - Jun 15)

Kids will enjoy creating amazing starfish during this workshop and learn all the facts about this creature. 

Arts & CraftWorkshop

Jelly Fish (May 01 - May 15)

Kids will enjoy creating Jelly Fish craft with us identified as one of the most organisim in the sea. 

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